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Wow was our fall slammed with amazing and beautiful weddings, that is why it has been so long since we have updated.  I promise to share photos as I receive them from photographers.  Our first two pieces of news we have to share are sort of negative but also positive for the people involved.  Jennifer Jorgenson and her family have moved of of state so for the time being Jennifer has decided to leave Social Scene.  She may join us again at some point but felt she needed to be settled in her new home before she could begin taking on weddings again.  I am thrilled for her and her family but sad to lose such an amazing colleague and friend who was so close by.  Ainsley Crowell has also left Social Scene but for a very exciting reason.  She was offered a position at the prestigious Greenworks Florist and she felt it was an opportunity she could not pass up.  The great news for us is that she is terrific on the design side and we are already working with her on two weddings for next year.  We hope to have exciting news to share really soon about a new colleague, 2011 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Social Scene.

In September I sat on a speakers panel at a photographers conference in Rockville, Maryland.  I was invited to be on the panel by the amazingly talented Geoff Chesman and it was my first experience with this type of thing.  It was a bit overwhelming to be in the room with so much talent but wonderful to discuss how we can work together to make any event we do even better.  I was told by many after the conference how what we discussed was truly beneficial to their business so I was thrilled to be asked to be on the panel.

Well, it is getting close to resolution time again and whether you try to actually set them and keep them or just wish you did we all have things we want to do better.  My resolution for 2011 is going to be to post and blog more about this job that I love so much.  I feel so fortunate to work in this creative and exciting industry and will work harder to share the things that I love!


ISES Table-Top Competition

Last week was a total blur, it went by so fast but we have something wonderful to report.  Social Scene teamed up with Kathleen Schmidt, Amanda Smith & Liz Waylan all of DC Rental and Jesse Bailey of JLB Floral to create a table for the annual ISES table-top competition.  ISES had a theme this year and it was for each contestant or team to create a table that was a fairy tale.  Our team got together the first tome to discuss what we all thought a fairy tale was.  Many ideas came out of that meeting but we ended up with Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, "40 Thieves" for short.  We are thrilled to announce that we WON two out of the four awards that were presented.  We were presented with the Most Creative award as well as the People's Choice award, which was voted on by our peers.  We were all really excited about our ideas and thrilled with how the whole table came together.  Chuck Fazio was the official event photographer and he was fantastic.  There all day as were were setting up and then photographing the event as well.  He has some fantastic photos on his Website of all of the tables that were created and it is worth a look because we had some major competition.  Thank you to ISES for this fun event and for giving me an opportunity to work with colleagues in the  industry.  It was amazing for me to work with such great minds that I am lucky enough to call friends as well. 


Score one for wedding planners!!!

I just read some great information sent by Elegala and I thought it had some good points about hiring a wedding planner.  Reason #3 is one I hear often from people I speak with and I am glad to hear that most people understand the huge difference in what a wedding planner does versus what a venue event manager does.  If you have a moment please take a look and pass this on to any of your engaged friends.  As I have said before, sometimes what we do is a hard sell to prospecitve clients because it is a large commitment up front, but in the end we will help you create the day you want with no stress on you!  Have a great day.


Technology - Keep your day planner

Ok, so I know I just posted an entry earlier tonight but I absolutely had to write a note about what just happened this evening.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I am an organizational nerd (and proud of it).  I still own a day planner and write every single meeting, event, appointment, kids birthday parties, kids appointments and notes I have in it as well as in my Outlook calendar. 


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